Making labs open-ended is the key to discovery learning in challenging and engaging students in their laboratory experiments.  Openness is define as the degree to which students are allowed to make decisions about the problem, the procedure and/or the answers. This discretion permitted the students to make critical choice in determining the major parameters to be used and  the responsibility in the design of experiments. The students here have to devise their own strategies and back them with explanations, theory and logical justification. This not only encourages students to come up with their experiments, but requires them to defend themselves and their experiment, if questioned.

The course is basically designed for students to comprehend advanced methods of analysis for the design of reinforced concrete structure. Furthermore the course expose the students to a wide variety of reinforced concrete structures e.g. Deep beams, bearing walls, retaining walls, shear walls, slabs, etc. 

This course covers tall building systems, stability and design loadings, construction methods, consideration of design, structural modeling, analysis of tall building and design of tall building.

Course Objectives :

1. To introduce design of two-way slab, flat slab, columns, combined, strip and mat foundation, pile cap and retaining wall

2. To provide an understanding of the design of pre-stress concrete structure.

3.  To design a reinforced concrete frame structure.

4. To apply the Engineering tools for analysis and design of RC structure.