Course Status      : Core for BCE

Level                       : Degree

Semester Taught :  7 

Credit                     :  3

Pre-requisites      : CEGB223( Soil Mechanics)/CEGB2014(Geotechnics)

Course Description :                

 This course introduces basic concepts of geotechnical design of shallow and deep foundations, including slope stability, spread footings, raft foundations, retaining walls and driven piles. Coverage includes bearing capacity, settlement, lateral earth pressure and group effects of the various foundation types.

 Course Objectives :              

  1. To provide an understanding of the essential features of foundation engineering design.
  2. To apply geotechnical engineering principles to the analysis and design of slope stability, shallow foundations, retaining walls and pile foundations.
  3. To produce geotechnical design report and justify the solution proposed.

 Transferrable Skills:   

  1. Students are required to analyse and design foundation engineering problems. 
  2. Students are required to be able to conduct critical analysis and risk based solution.