This course introduces the fundamental concepts of mechanics, force systems and couples, free body diagrams, equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies, centroids and moment of Inertia for area, and dry friction. The structural analysis for simple trusses and internal forces of structural elements such as beams and cables will be discussed apart from the fundamental concepts learned.

This course introduces fundamental principles and approaches of analysis for indeterminate structures. Indeterminate structures covered are trusses, beams and frames. Displacement method of analysis will be discussed through slope deflection method and moment distribution method. Stiffness method will be introduced. Approximate analysis will be discussed to complement the analysis methods mentioned above. Finally, students will be exposed to modern computer tool in solving indeterminate structures.

Numerical methods. Non-linear equations. Solution of systems of linear algebraic equations. Curve fitting. Numerical differentiation and integration. Numerical solutions of ordinary and partial differential equations. Eigenvalue problems.