Frequently Asked Question from Moodle Users

1. Logging in matters

Scenario 1:

You have forgotten your password.

Solution to Scenario 1:

You need to go to ITMS and reset your password. Once the new password is set again. Try to access moodle using your username and your new password.


Scenario 2:

You have logged into moodle, but whenever you click to enter classes, the update profile page pops up.

Solution to Scenario 2:

This usually happens when mandatory information is not complete in your moodle profile. This can be no email address etc. To solve this, edit your profile by filling in the missing elements, e.g. email address. In some cases, moodle will sent an email to the new email address to verify that the email address is correct. You need to open your mailbox (or your spam folder or boxbe) and verify the change. Once you have done that, your moodle account should be operational.


Scenario 3:

You tried to access your lecturer's moodle page but you cannot becasue it keep asking you the enrollment key

Solution to Scenario 3:

You need to see the lecturer concern and ask for the enrollment key. Once you have keyed it in, you are automatically enrolled. If you have put in the correct enrollment key but still you cannot enter the course, please check with the lecturer on then enrollment period. If it is over, the lecturer would need to extend the enrollment period to enable you into the course